Force Six in Action (IV-6)

By: Anthony Gerald Aldiosa

It was not just another ordinary week for Edwin Cinco who just arrived from a UN-sponsored convention in projects for the less-fortunate children of Asia. He is faced with a big task of putting up a worthy project for the indigent children of this region. He is spending some free hours in a cafe of the country’s 5-star-hotel when he chanced upon a familiar face in the lobby. Yes, it’s Louie Afable, a former classmate who won the Presidential Gold Cup and was able to buy the prestigious hotel. After exchanging pleasantries, Louie got himself involved in Edwin’s predicament. However, it did not take long for them to decide on calling former classmates to raise funds for a worthy cause.

The project – a shangrila-type community for the less fortunate children in Asia. A place where they could grow up in peace, love and happiness.

Messengers Arnel Cruz and Ladislao de la Cruz, owners of a Radio-TV station and newspaper publication, respectively, were in charge of locating all members of the IV-6 class to ensure the success of this gigantic undertaking.

Food and drinks were donated by Mario Jorge Mercado, owner of a thriving chain of French restaurants and Ferdinand Sevilla, president of the Sevilla Brewery Corp.

The venue, the -luxury cruise ship MV Filipinas, one of the luxury vessels owned and operated by shipping magnates Don Sulpicio Yling III and Alex Cristobal.

The invocation was delivered by Gabriel Cardinal Mijares.

To start the ball rolling, Realtors Adlai Isberto, Rommel Bermas, Rey Sanidad and Alfredo Contreras pledged a sprawling 10-hectare-land in Laguna as the project site.

Not to be outdone was the group of public officials: Min. of Finance Christian Yabyabin, CB Gov. Mel Castillo, BIR Commissioner Robert Burce, Chief Justice James Tan and Exec. Sec. Michael Dasalla who doled out P100M.

Expertise and manpower for the construction of the complex will be provided by Architects & Contractors Michael Bonicillo, Peter Fernandez, Rene Reston and Paul Ursua.

Electrical layout installation and materials will be undertaken by Engineers Manny Tanola, Egay Antalan, Ronnie Ogalesco, Christopher Dones, Michael Pena, and Dante Valenzuela.

The complex’s power supply will be provided by a Nuclear Power Plant specifically designed for this particular project by Nuclear Physicist Marvin Quien, Anthony Aldiosa, Rolando Gayoso and Joseph Macaspac with financial support from gold mining magnate Mario Basco.

Interior designs and furnishings have been pledged by no other than Romulo Candoy, a well-known interior designer and Jojo Rubala, Dayward Santos and Edwardo Rotor.

The occasion was brightened up with songs rendered by Neil Galingan, recently named as Entertainer of the Year. Guests were entertained by a bevy of international celebrities from the entertainment agency of CarlosTeodoro, Manny Fulgencio, Christopher Espejo and Rowell Sumobay, who were based in New York and were flown here on board a Boeing 727 personally piloted by Mike Altonaga.

At this juncture, Sulpicio Yling announced the citations will be awarded to the following members of the IV-6 class who deserve recognitions for their achievements:

(1) Astronauts Carlos Nagaliza and Apollo Duran – 1 st Filipinos ever to be included in a crew
for a space mission;
(2) Benjamin Calayan, Roberto Estrada and Rogelio Audencial - members of the first Philippine
team to win the Olympic Gold Medal in Basketball; and
(3) Reigning World Chess Champion – Richard Carsula.

To end the momentous occasion, closing remarks were delivered by His Excellency, the President of the Philippines Bien Gomez. Highly commending the group, he supported the worthy project by earmarking a P500 Million budget for the maintenance of the complex. He congratulated each and everyone for living up to what has been imparted and inculcated in them by the dedicated, responsible and loved people of PCS who guided them to what they are today.