Here Comes the Bride… (IV-7)

by: Mile Chua, Tet Sibal and Ana Zurita a.k.a. Tres Amigas

In Chief of Surgery Ana Zurita‘s Manhattan penthouse were gathered three of the top surgeons in America which included herself, cardiac surgeon Tet Sibal and neurosurgeon Miles Chua as they silently read identical letters which they received that afternoon. They each gave a squeal of delight after reading the contents and decided to go to Rome at once.

When they reached the Kennedy International Airport in New York, they were surprised to see two of their colleagues – pediatrician Cris Buhat and psychologist Liezl Bautista who relayed to them that three other colleagues – chief dietitian Remalyn Ballesteros, chief pathologist Berna Amores and internist Grace Quiambao – would be joining them in Rome that afternoon. Apparently, all the members of IV -7 batch 85-86 were sent the letters.

As they boarded the gigantic Concord owned by a well-known C.P.A., Mylene Subido, they were immediately welcomed by stewardess Grace Mcmurray who needless to say, was also headed for Rome.

As they alighted from the plane at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci Airport, the true meaning of those letters was confirmed – that Mamay Glo had finally decided to settle down and marry her prince charming!

After checking in at the Mabkar International Hotel, jointly owned and managed by Mabel lnigo and Karen Dizon, they met several others all of whom were former classmates in computer engineering at the lobby – Meliza de Leon, Violeta OrtiZ, Michaela Miravalles, Wewet Roque, and Jo Canonizado – and joined them for dinner at the Jay jay Sweet ‘n Sour Restaurant owned by Jay Gavilan. They slept early,that night as the next day was the big day. As Ana, Miles, and Tet alighted from the limousine, whose services were offered by Kertz owner Vangie Nabua, at the St. Peter’s Basilica, Ana immediately sought medical researchers Cyn Bustillos, Kristine Leslie and Cristy Yumul to inquire about the cure against AIDS which they recently discovered.

Miles approached other medical colleagues from Three Countries Hospital in Burlington,Pennsylvania who were already awaiting the arrival of the bride-American Dental Association president Jherrie Laroco, ADA vice president Egie Garcia, and ADA chairman Chato Rivera.

Furthermore, Tet joined in the chatter of chemical engineer Beth Bismonte, civil engineer Jhie Papica and computer expert Connie Valguna.

A sudden silence fell over them as the stagecoach carrying the bride came down the street and Mamay Glo alighted with a bright smile which spoke of happiness that was bubbling within her to see her beloved class once more. Murmurs of awe and wonder were heard as they saw that Mamay Glo after those years had not aged at all, physically speaking, thanks to the able guidance of her cosmetologist Niknok Sepulvida.

Then, as Mamay Glo’s entourage of gorgeous girls, rather ladies, was entering the organist played to the tune of “Hindi Kita Malilimutan” which was sung by multi-awarded songstress, Lailai Bontia. The two daughters of Oxford University Dean Carol Magno and the twin sons of England’s Minister of Finance Marianne Yogore entered. They were followed by the secondary sponsors – Paris’ ace model Arlene Garcia (veil), international model Placida Lim (cord) and Miss Universe ’92 Jess Tapia (candle).

The mass was officiated for the very first time by a nun – Sor Myla Peralta who was also founder of the paraphlegics’ Development Center, London chapter.

When the mass was over, the guests proceeded to Gem Cahanding‘s Gemlyn Hotel for the reception while they enjoyed a scrumptious brunch carefully planned by food technologist Cel Jalmasco, they were entertained by Fe Capistrano, Cynthia Tolentino, and Ning Clarida (former three stooges of IV-7) to a satire of Miss Luna’s life. They were joined by Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses – Sheryl Vidal and Rowena Nolasco. Attorney Cris Sarmiento along with colleague Berna Sotto, was also able to attend the reception although they have just finished a successful campaign against racial discrimination in South Africa.

A very nostalgic moment was when the class representative group to the Dancefest, “For Seven’s Sake”, composed of Me-an Narvaez, owner of the Narvaez Dance Studio; Cristy Marmol, now a successful physician and Chelle Umali who practices dentistry in Switzerland, danced to the tune of their old time favorite “Love is Reason”.

Each guest was assured by VHS president Marie Punzalan that she’d receive a tape of the wedding as it was all taken by VHS general manager Lyn Pelobello.

All in all it was a very wonderful event· – seeing their beloved Mamay Glo safely married and getting together again with the once-upon-a-time-’raucous crowd of girls which had miraculously turned into graceful and  sophisticated ladies.