S.O.S.- MV/IVY 4-8 (IV-8)


By Roger de Monteverde and James Rodney Romana

A most delightful atmosphere befalls this cherished day. Specially for the section most renowned, IV-8 Batch ’85-86. Because for the first time in 20 years after the exchange of goodbyes and goodlucks during graduation, IV-8, will again be united. For this is the day of IV-8′s grand reunion.

The venue: the crested coastline of Puerto Galera, where the most beauteous and everloving Emma Olila, our former class adviser, awaits. Beside her, is the Most Reverend Cardinal Joseph Epistola, Archbishop of Manila, president of the class. Another familiar figure is Dr. Anthony Villarosa, famed to have discovered cure for AIDS, who then served as class vice-president. Dr. Raul Reynoso, renowned preservationalist and class secretary, still seems to be scouting for missing faces. Our indispensable treasurer, Jawaharlal Dargani, now a successful optometrist, is the last member of the welcoming committee.

The celebration began with the christening of the MV/IVY 4-8, the gigantic oceanliner of millionaire-philantrophist, Dr. Joselito David. The event was covered by RB channel 8 by the station’s owner himself, Reuben Bermas. To the surprise of many, the reunion was to be a luxury cruise aboard the ship.

The cruise began as soon as the class was completed. Some went up the deck to enjoy the view. Among them were IV-8′s songfest group. The internationally famous choreographer Richmond Javier and the inventor of the permanent false teeth, Dr. Arnel Maccay chat over a couple of drinks. Also with them are US Navy Colonel Eduardo Canaveral; Compo Engineer Francisco del Rosario III, Aeronautic Engineer Albert Omega, Attorney Neil Macasaet, and the established dentist, Dr. Alvin Lanuza.

Also on deck were IBM Philippines president, Ferdinand Mendros; owner of the RAAM radio station, Rene Antonio Apollo Meneses; President of Apple Philippines Alexander Albert Baliola, who were talking about the recent progress in the computer world. Later, they are joined by Chemical Engineer, Joseph James Mendoza, Air Force Captain Alvin Lapid, Comp Engineer Roderick Felaru and Dr. Rolando Balatbat.

Conversing on their way to the game room were Dr. Dean Andrew Pantilo, known for perfecting the artificial heart, Mechanical Engineer Geronimo Adriano, and Intercontinental Ventures Associates president Richard Mijares. Those who approached the roulette table were Comp Analyst Manuel Bautista, Police Chief Richard Manalo, the great war tactician Alexander Blanco who let a few chips fly.

By the bar, Judges Ruel Gunabe and Frederico Ibanez talk about their counterescapades with San Miguel Corporation President Richard Goddard listening attentively. Up the promenade deck, couturier par excellence Ferdinand Burgos and beauty expert Robert Queddeng talk of plans to expand their shopper in Paris. They are later joined by distinguished Chief Engineers Anthony Songco and Jose Rafael Baluyut, of the Global Engineering Firm.

Hollywood heartthrob Berwyn Berro and Chief of Staff Carlos Tanael Jr. are seen reminiscing their fulfilled days in CAT. They were later joined by mechanical engineer Roberto Sangalang and Architect Dennis Marquez.

Gathered around a small table near the corner were Dr. Ruel Reyes, Arch. Ramon. Valdes and Engineer Inocencio Tiongson. Joining them were Westin Hotels president Gilbert Gatmaitan and Rear Admiral Marcos Aurelio Yalong.

Enjoying a game of shuffle board are Airforce Captain Erwin Atos and Engineer Michael Arrieta. Watching the game are Human Rights Lawyer Attorney Noel Bognot, the established dentist, Dr. Rommel Dumbrique and Engineer Manuel Cruz.

Famed painter-sculptor Arnold Ainza and Geneticist Roger de Monteverde, Philippine delegate to the 3rd Asilomar Conference are seen exchanging drives and backhands on the pingpong table. Calling the shots is Senator James Rodney Romana, Senate Speaker.

But it looks like the class roster is not complete. The class seems to be missing the presence of one of their classmates, who entered the military service and has been missing in action for 2 years.

Still the party has to go on. But still the worst is about to come. A violent storm wrecked the massive ship. Fortunately, everyone was able to reach an unchartered island nearby. The island seemed uninhabited or at least we thought it was.

At a distance we noticed a silhouette of a man walking towards us. The sound of combat boots on the turf grows louder and louder. Combat boots? Then it must be – Colonel Ignacio Umali!

So the class decided to settle down on this Island with hopes of making it a vast empire, to be led by no other than Empress Emma herself!