The Hierarchy of Scarpio Knight's Success (IV-3)

by: Josephine Uy

In the year 2006, exactly two decades after IV-3 batch ’86 graduated, a grand reunion is taking place at Century Park Sheraton, Singapore which is owned and managed by the class president, Rowena Sanchez. Lourdes Yu, president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce in Japan and Jinky Cruz, secretary-general of US Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis are with Imelda Balundo, Suzette Zamora, Cecilia Piansay, Teresa Montessa, Daisy Ranoa and Theresa Austria, who are among the Ten Most Outstanding Businesswomen of the Year on a private aircraft of Leilani Sangalang which brings them to the said dwelling.

As I, the new Director-General of the UN, together with Raquel Musni, UN Secretary-General, Nelanie Blando, Chairman of the project “Peace and Unity by 2006,” Luzviminda Katigbak, Defense Minister of the Philippines, Lirio Calma, US Secretary of State and Lourdes Ulanday, Soviet Foreign Affairs Minister arrive an hour earlier after settling the problems about the nuclear issue which are very much alarming the security of the people worldwide especially the Third World Countries.

As we enter the splendid place, Dra. Cecilia Lota, a conspicuous figure in the field of dental medicine chats with Surgeon Roselyn Dimacuha, President of the National Kidney Foundation for Asia; Dra. Valentina Yidanes, a pediatrician, Leslie Paglinawan; and Rhia Monfero, chairwoman and vice chairwoman respectively of Peugeot S.A., France’s giant automaker which had recently recovered from massive debt and overblown work force.

At one corner, Cel Gustillo and Alma Garcia, two of the world’s highest paid painters proudly show and discuss their masterpieces to Agnes David, a professor in Harvard University, Loida Cainto, Gail Ganzon and Christine Mesalucha, who are a few years back stewardesses but now, owners of Three’s Company.Airlines. t Mary Rose Pelino, Liza Belo, Taruna Dargani, Leilani Quindoy, Velvette Villarba, Annabelle Manabat and Analyn Patanao, outstanding computer programmers and likewise members of US Treasury Department are also admiring their masterpieces.

We are led to our respective places by Virginia Lumacad, our class treasurer who is recently inducted as Central Bank Governor. By the way, Milanie Dumpit and Peachy Guasa, owners of JTHBL, world’s renowned recording outfit together with Rowena Quiambao, Best Pop Female Grammy Awardee; Angie Soriano and Maricar Ruiz, Entertainer of the Year and Best Female Performer Aliw Awardee, respectively, excitedly relate their “sweet blood” experiences in the music industry.

As I approach Arlene Dizon, Enon Duguran, Myrna Manong and Eleanor Pilar, officials of Philippine Sports Association, they tell me of a well-supported project for the youth of our very own Paco Catholic School which will enhance the development of  their social alertness and interaction for a noble cause which afterwards be turned over to Jasmin Suarez the new principal and to Sonia Taruc, the guidance counselor of the school.

While listening to the soothing voice of Angie, Heidi Juanich, owner of Singapore-based Goldilocks Bakeshop and Restaurant, is very busy having last minute arrangement for the dinner.

Few minutes before the dinner starts, Jeannie Tolentino, in her Rolls Royce approaches Wenna with Maela Dee, one of the world’s greatest mathematician and our beloved adviser Mrs. Lydia A. Carpio who is very happy over the success of her Scarpio Knights. She gives us a real tearjerker speech and afterwards, bestowed upon us her heartfelt blessings and congratulations.

Before the affair ends, a Gold Medal was awarded to Sor Rowena Roma, for being a consistent help in the missionary world.

It is really a very grand affair. We remember what our adviser 20 years ago put in our mind … our hierarchy of values. Thank God! We are successful because of it. We are GOLD because of it!