The Scenario of IV-4

by: Stephen Ernest J. del Villar

The year is 1996 and we find the IV-4 graduates holding major positions trying all their best to stop the tremulous events going on at the moment as a sequel of an immediate “coup d’ etat” that wiped out the communists in the much advanced civilization of the Philippine Islands. And though in an expedient position to explore the still unknown wonders of the universe such as planetary life forms and cosmic intelligence, they chose to engage in an incessant modus operandi to surmount any sort of difficulty and improve the status quo of their mother country where they proved to be prestigious.

In their effusive agape, they managed to alleviate the situation with their clever strategies. With a firm conviction, they bonded themselves and divided into small units serving a common purpose. The Legislative body was entrusted to Orlando Hernandez, Ronaldo Zoleta, Edgardo Relova, Jaime Blanco and Samuel Guce with William Roseta, Jesus Gordola Jr., Tedwyn Villavicencio, Valeriano Santos, and Noel Gamo.

One of the laws they plan to pass would concern the communists and what to do with them to free the country of the problem they pose. Ambassadors Edgardo Moncayo, Nickson Santos, Romulo Pena, Jeremy Manlapaz and Edgar Atis maintained the entente cordiale of the Philippines with the world. Minister of Trade Estelito Espano Jr. encouraged negotiations with other countries. Judiciary functions were put under the care of Francis Alvia, Rosendo Bautista, Armando Levita, and Roderick Pilapil to put crime into a doldrum. Crime perpetrators were besmirched by officers Michael Mahinay, Manuel Fidel Holandez, Roberto Ruel Tomas and Ferdinand Elazegui and were eventually veered into a better life by brothers Arthur Arce, Gilbert Martija, Alan Jay de Guzman, Eric Pascua, and Stephen Ernest del Villar.

Education, however, was geared into a high scale by scholars Antonio David, Dante Cruz, Ruel San Juan, Armando Alao, who were all in charge and motivated by best Filipino educators Haresh Dargani, Isidro Fojas, Alberto Feliciano and Manolito Mapaye in universities built by engineers Ramoncito Calixtro, Roberto Marasigan, Jonathan Lato and Eliseo Espiritu.

With the United States of America, a perfect diplomatic maneuver came into existence with the strengthening of the Philippine defenses of which General Johndale Basa, Jose Caliston, and Lawrence Cabate were given full responsibilities and Colonels Robertino Tabanao and Cirilo Villaflor of the Armed Forces and the Marines respectively, were in charge of the import negotiations of Philippine weaponry. But with the inborn genera of Professors Ronald Buitre, Allan Bayungan, Virgilio Ventura, Filamor de la Cruz and Wilfredo Pinacate, Jr. they were able to invent weapons of greater power than other races could ever imagine.

Thus, now, the country is rest-assured of innumerable graces under the leadership of Miss E. Aguilar who is all the while responsible for molding the valiant personages above into highly capable leaders and staunch defenders of their country way back during their
PCS days.